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Founded in 2011, Innovation Tex is a Malaysia base company. We are one of the most diverse fabric and textile manufacturer in the Jiangsu Province. We begin with textile weaving and now we have diversified to multi liner products such as bed liners, towel liners, banquet liners and many more. We are committed to continuous improvements in quality, cost control and customer response in the global and local marketplace.  We strive to be on the leading edge of product development and innovation in new technologies. State of the Art Equipment Our on-going investment in state-of-the-art equipment and improved technologies has enabled us to provide cost competitive, quality products made locally. We maintain our own research and development facilities as well as a fully operating textile laboratory. Meticulous inspection standards and strict in-process controls at every manufacturing phase ensure product quality.   Research & Development Our highly-specialized R&D Team constantly incorporates new materials and technologies. We venture in a variety ofhigh-tech fibers for different market and are committed to improving product quality and the environment through the use of a variety of eco-friendly, organic & sustainable materials.   Design Capabilities Innovation Tex offer you completein-house design capabilities. With a full graphic art department as well.